Writing Wounds to Heal (2015) is a project that uses clothes and photography to express poetry in between the field of clothes, choreography,  photography, performance and documentation led by Pontus Pettersson.


Writing Wounds to Heal is a series of clothes with printed poems on/through them, all clothes made in silk velvet. The project also includes an accessories line of letter stencils/medallion in mirror acrylic, Pontus own font Pancor is used on both the garments and stencils. In the performance of wearing the clothes and accessories Pontus created the event – The Poeticians as well as making a series of photographs, adding another layer of poetics through the lens of the photographers he works with. Pictures shows the work of Märta Thisner and Luis Alberto Rodriguez


Writing wounds to heal is one of Pontus choreographic work that deals with poetry and poetics, started with the interest of how one could think about poetry and its close relation to dance. Experienced in the moment as languages that rather then reduce or dictate the present, it unfolds and resonates with its temporal complexities, perception of time, infinitive and radical in it core.