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Writing Wounds to Heal (2015) is a collection of poems printed on clothes made out of velvet silk and stencil/jewellery made of mirrors. The poems are printed in a burnout technique (Devoré) so that the poems becomes visible through the fabric revealing parts of the body through the poems. The mirror stencils is utilised in bigger and smaller assemblage and is more of a tool to continue writing within the universe of Writing Wounds to Heal. The typography/font is Pontus own design called Pancor and was made during Pontus master studies in choreography in Stockholm as a way to write new poems through the semiotics of the designed letters. Pancor can be seen as a hieroglyphic attempt, and a queering of meaning through writing. The performance of the clothes in a performativer setting is called The Poeticians, . The project is documented through invited artists and photographers, and which so far have been Luis Alberto Rodriguez and Märta Thisner.

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