Tiles & Titles (2014)

Tiles & Titles is an assemblage of books with pasted mirror-foil covers. The collection departs from Pontus own private library and from there merges with other collections; such as the list of literature mentioned in the film/book Fahrenheit 451, 1001 books to read before you die. The collection is on a constant hunt to form alliances and enrol into other imperatives. The work/project has many strands and subjectives, collecting and recycling is two examples always present in Pontus work/practice.

The collection serves as objects and material for Pontus interest and work around poetry and poetics. Using a simple method the books are used to write new poetry. In the performance of a one-to-one setting, in a group or performed on stage the books becomes singular universes that merges with the momentary “author” of the new poem/book. It is a reading and writing that unfolds the present and the past.