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The wind escorts the sky (Weld 2017) is the second part of Pettersson’s project Poetic Procedures. The project and performance looks into the relation between dance and poetry and how these practices can unfold in the situation of a dance class and with the case of The wind escorts the sky; a stage performance. The performance is primary layered as a poetry recital of Pontus own poetry in a visually constructed milieu, where the criteria and performance of the theatre as a space, as a situation, as specific attention and reading of signs empathically and abstract takes into account. Previous choreographic work and practices blended and blurres into new situations. The poems is a collection of past and new writings that in the performance applies its content as well as it is a re writing of these poems to accommodate the performance. Departing from the visual choreographic principles of The Poeticians and Writing wounds to heal (Weld autumn 2015) The wind escorts the sky enters the domains of voice, utterance and speech, even a cat-like opera.’

Choreography, costume and set design: Pontus Pettersson
Performers: Marie Ursin, Robert Malmborg, Peter Mills and Hagar Tenenbaum
Sound design: Robin Jonsson
Light Design: Carl Kristansson


The wind escorts the sky/Poetic Procedures is made possible through support by The Swedish Arts Grant Committee, residency at and is co-produced by Weld. The performance is in English.

get the PDF of poetry book The wind escorts the sky here

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