The Poeticians started as the event that shows/performs Pontus Pettersson poetic project Writing Wounds to Heal, it is performed inside or in close proximity to this work and his interest in poetry. The Poeticians is seen as a “choreo-curational” event that hosts different choreographic proposals, a module/installation where pieces, objects, performers can be inserted rather than a performance that executes and performs the same over again. The Poeticians - a reoccurring choreography of a new situation, a continuous and contagious interest in poetry making, a choreo-curating, and ongoing pursuit of a theatre for dance and space for choreography by Swedish choreographer Pontus Pettersson. At the same time The Poeticians is an invitation to Pontus own universe, filled with velvet, cats and poetry in a social sphere that blur the divide between spectator and performer, a performance that softens the stabile posture of an audience where the reading becomes a listening were singular universes merge.





The Poeticians was initially created for Pontus own projects Writing wounds to heal, dealing with poetics, using clothes/fashion as the transmitting devices for poetry. Wanting to continue building on his interest in temporal communities (a we), social choreographies inside and outside the theatre. Pontus invited a group of artist to share a Sunday at Weld while he was showing his clothes/poems. All artists shared the installation-like quality of the made theatre space - Imagined as a garden and rearranged to match this construction/Illusion. Using only the already existing objects found in the theatre, the space/theatre became an exhibition/inventory of itself, a portrait of some sort.









As a mix between poetry, choreography and curation The Poeticians always adapt and change program/performance and content, depending on the hosting structure. From larger to smaller assemblages of expressions with the starting point Writing Wounds to Heal, this work being part of a bigger choreography/curation or by itself.


Writing Wounds to Heal is a collection of poems printed on clothes made out of velvet silk and stencil/jewellery made of mirrors. The poems are printed in a burnout technique (Devoré) so that the poems become visible through the fabric revealing parts of the body through the poems. The mirror stencils is utilised in bigger and smaller assemblage and is more of a tool to continue writing within the universe of Writing Wounds to Heal. Besides the performance that takes place in The Poeticians, Writing Wounds to Heal also realises itself through the documentary part of the projects where Pontus works with different photographer inviting another layer of poetics inside of the projects. So far Pontus has worked with Swedish photographer Märta Thisner and Dominican photographer/dancer Luis Alberto Rodriguez.


Possible content


The cat practice is the body, the performative/performance practice that is part of The Poeticans.  A specific attention and presence of the performer, this is a contagious act. It becomes a rewriting of the gaze and the politics of attention as well as a listening apparatus. The cat on Internet, as a social phenomenon, as a body that is neither human nor alien. The cat as a companion/friend/witness/shadow to the human with these specific relations - the now stands in power, not as an infinitive, rather as radical shifts of focus and intention.


Choreo-curating has since the beginning of this project always been an integral part of the performance and work.  It is a wish to include and think/perform along side more then just my own work. Still the artistic idea is closer to poetry and the how the act of writing and reading can be understood. As poetry and dance can be seen as related in terms of temporality and context the idea with The Poeticians is simple, in one universe several exits, through different choreographic proposal and methods such as the cat practice, and tiles & titles a listening is performed and instigated in all present bodies. I am looking for a place of listening, which is different then of speaking, and therefore a different ethics I would argue, hence the curatorial aspects of this work is needed to understand one voice among many at the same time as hospitality is choreographic pillar and principal in my work.


Poetic Procedures formally exists of participatory choreographies and practices such as The Cat Practice and Tiles & Titles to name a few. It started as evening activity on Tuesday nights in Stockholm in the autumn of 2016 at ccap/ Pontus hosted open dance classes for anyone to come and join. Emerged into poetry and how it might have similar ways how it exists in the world as dance and choreography does. Poetic Procedures was last dedicated to the coming performance of Bodies of  Water departing from the invitation by British curator Hanna Zafiropoulos to respond to the writing of Russian Marxist and Feminist Alexandra Kollentai during a one-day performance in the Spanish artist Dora Garcia’s new exhibition at Tensta Konsthall in Stockholm.


The Stellar blanket is an assemblage/quilt made of mirror stencils from the project Writing Wounds to heal. It is used in the performances of The wind escorts the sky and The Poeticians but is also a one-to-one performance.  Operating like a letter chart where the letters are unordered, the heave quilt gives a surprising comfort and intimacy when covering the two bodies in this one-to-one performance. In a blackened space Pontus uses his phone to lit the quilt from above, casting letter projections in the ceiling. An imagined starlit sky becomes the score for this instant poetry reading.


Pancor, a hallmark of Pontus Pettersson, Pancor has been used in many works and occasions, most prominently in Writing Wounds to Heal (2015) and the latest being Poetic Procedures – Segula. Started as a calligraphic practice then turned digital, Pancor is a font, understood and used as a tool to enable other and new poetry.  Through the possible inscribed meaning of the shapes Pancor can be seen as a hieroglyphic attempt and a queering of meaning through writing, a digitalised universe as signature and poetics.


Tiles & Titles is a collection of books with mirror-foil covers. The books are taken from Pontus own private library as well as adding from the list of literature mentioned in Fahrenheit 451 and other temporary inquiries. The project has many strands and subjectives, one is the collecting/hordering that is a typical side of Pontus artistic practice/life. Another is that the small library is used to make new poems, using different methods for this. They can be vocalised in the moment as well as transcribed in numerous ways.


Sit catris is the comic strip collaboration between Pontus and English choreographer Peter Mills. Based on their discussions and their shared experiences, the cat Sit Catris is used as a commentary to their mutual interest in choreography and the world.



My name is ocean, deriving from Pontus performance lecture MOPA – I disappear in darkness, My name is Ocean is a performance (lecture/recital) where Pontus or invited artist rhyme an artistic need, concern or personal story while playing wave sounds one a mobile sink, where water flushing up n down through a circular water system.



Garden, fountain and The Eggstage- The Poeticians always have some kind of installation work made by Pontus. For different occasions the work have been different. The key element have been producing an installation with listening qualities. Such as making a garden out of the objects from the theatre. Or the calming sound of a fountain which has also became a signature of Pontus work as the fountain stands for a place of listening while remaining in the social world at large, a gate for healing. The last installation became the egg stage where a large fried egg became the stage for the third The Poeticians where the invited poets read their poetry from. Included in this work could also be Pontus practice piece Objects on the Wall which was last seen in his graduation piece Volver at Konstfack.





Previous events


The Poeticians (2015)

For the first The Poeticians at Weld Billy Bultheel, Enad Marouf and Mavi Veloso were invited to show their work - Reality Tales / Mental Surgeries: Initial Interface. Simon Asencio performed his work Jessica, for this occasion being the bouncer letting people in into the space. Karin Gille was invited to portrait the walls of weld onto fabric, that was used to make another line of clothes for the costumes. Katarzyna Szugajew was invited as the performer playing the role of the photographer, as well as to document the performance. Robert Malmborg, Melody Panosian, Marie Ursin and Peter Mills where invited to wear the velvet clothes /poems while practicing Pontus cat practice, the overall sound design was made by Robin Jonsson



The Poeticians – the cat café (2016)

The second time The Poeticians was held at Svarta Huset/design hall in Telefonplan. In the empty warehouse the old set design of Pontus solo MOPA – I disappear in darkness was made into a temporary miniature golf. Stuart Mayes installation Play marked the beginning and end of the course. Pontus performed host and owner of the cat café serving coffee, popcorn, bubbly water, humus and miso soup to the guests. Invited performers to do the cat practice was; Philip Berlin, Ulrika Berg, Emelie Johansson, Louise Dahl and Louise Perming. Peter Mills was live commentating the event through the collaborative project Sit Catris that is a comic strip about the made up cat Sit Catris.



The Poeticans – Poetry brunch (2017)

For the third time The Poeticians returned to Weld in a shape of brunch. As a final gesture of the Pontus performances of The wined escorts the sky, Pontus invited fellow artist and friends to share a Sunday with food and poetry. The Sunday was also the launch of the poetry book Writing Wounds to Heal, The documentation of the clothes/poems. This is an ongoing project that with this launch presented the work of photographers Märta Thisner and Luis Rodriguez. Brunch was made by Emma Kim Hagdahl and the poetry/performances by: Nefeli Ikonomou, Buktalar-Michelle/Michelle Hammenfeldt, Amanda Apetrea/Beauty and the Beast, Shiv Kotecha, Hagar Tenenbaum, Mira Mutka, Aleksandar Giorgiev, Sophie Erlandsson, Halla Olafsdottir/Beauty and the Beast and Dinis Machado.