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From Pontus Pettersson self-curating nomadic project ‘Squatting’ - as one of many outcomes came The Fortune teller (2011). Hosted by Apart Art Gallery in Tel Aviv, small objects/artefacts from unknown origin became treasures to be found in the backyard of the gallery. Through the lens of Pontus camera and the objects being illuminated from a homemade light table the objects became images and narratives, they started to speak of other things then what they were, animals, faces and other objects. The artefacts were brought back to life.

The fortune teller is a one to one performance where Pontus uses these images that are assembled into a deck of card in an intimate meeting where rituals, fantasies of the author and spectator becomes the ground for a performance that looks and acts like a fortune telling. In this meeting where future events as well as spiritual animals and previous lives emerges there is a temporal and generosity of both parts. A meeting that talks of the unknown, residing in the moment.

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