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SS20 / Från Spott till Spegel

SS20 is the musical part of All Departures Are Waves where Pontus have invited different artist, DJ’s and musicians to make watery proposals within this liquid paradigm.


All Departures Are Waves began with the choreographic installation Bodies of Water (Tensta konsthall, 2018) and the text which the piece was based on, Hydrofeminism; Or, becoming a body of water by Astrida Neimanis. The research project brings forward the material, ecological, performative, political, economic and ethical qualities that water can entail, as a material fact. How the water inside and outside of our bodies choreographs our movement. From the process of Bodies of Water and imagining a “material feminism” or a “hydrologic” in motion, where/how/when does music bridge or separate bodies in their mutual becoming? How is sound both touch and vibration, escalating/moving things into being? 

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