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Pancor Poetics is a choreographic installation and mixture of choreographic and artistic practices. From Petterssons many different poetry works to his signature Cat Practice as well a miniature golf course. The work, titled ”Pancor Poetics,” refers to Pontus’ own type font “Pancor”, created as a tool to write poetry, blending form and meaning—a queer semiotics distinctly personal to Pontus’ own universe. Reflecting on the idiosyncratic features of Pancor and the poetry produced in his practices, the term ”idiosyncratic” can encompass both peculiar habits (weird) and the uniqueness of a person, thing, or even movement. Together with the cat practice as well as the audience participation, “taking a swing around the golf course”, Pancor Poetics is an event of continuous entanglement.

Images by irem güngez 

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