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In "MOPA – The Last Stand (Sky)", Pontus Pettersson looks both forward, back and beyond. Here, dancing is a  myth in the making. Like a photocopy slowly developing in the darkroom, while the image emerges, we ask ourselves the question: How can we find our way back to collective thinking and dance as doing? 



"MOPA – The Last Stand (Sky)" is the third and final part of the MOPA trilogy, a trilogy which has been in the making for ten years. In this work, choreographer and artist Pontus Pettersson returns to the classic choreographic tools: time and space. His cat and water practices, two practices he has worked on for a long time, shape the work’s stories, bodies and choreography. 


Pettersson moves seamlessly between choreography, the ephemeral and curatorial practices – always conceptually strong and often with humour and a playful agenda. Here, in addition to choreographing the performance, his all encompassing artistry is put into practice through the costume design as well as the scenography. 



The first part of the MOPA trilogy made between 2009-2012, was a set of six solo works performed by Pettersson and five other dancers, premiered at Dansens Hus in 2012. In 2013, the second part of "MOPA, a lecture performance – I disappear in Darkness" – premiered at Weld. 10 years later, it's time for the last part, "MOPA – The Last Stand".

Images by Jim De Block

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