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The Poeticians

The Poeticians (2015-2017) started as happening that shows Pontus poetic project Writing Wounds to Heal. It is performed inside or in close proximity to this work and Petterssons interest in poetry and how poetry can be understood, practiced and performed in relation to dance and choreography; how they have similar ways of existing in the world.  The Poeticians as an event, concept and performance  hosts different choreographic proposals, seen as a module and installation in itself where pieces, objects, performers can be inserted rather than a performance that executes and performs the same over again. At the same time


The Poeticians is an invitation to Pontus' own universe, filled with velvet, cats and poetry, in a social sphere that blurs the divide between spectator and performer. A performance that softens the stable posture of an audience where the “reading” becomes a listening, where singular universes merge. All invited artists shared the installation-like quality of the made theatre space - Imagined as a garden and rearranged to match this construction/Illusion. Using only the already existing objects found in the theatre, the space/theatre became an exhibition/inventory of itself, a portrait of some sort. As a mix between poetry, choreography and curation


The Poeticians always adapt and change program/performance and content, depending on the hosting structure. From larger to smaller assemblages of expressions with the starting point Writing Wounds to Heal. Together with invited guests The Poeticians has been performed three times as an annual happening inside of Pontus Research. The first was to show Writing Wounds to Heal, as well as inviting guests such as Billy Butheel, Enad Marouf and Mavi Veloso, as well as Simon Asencio’s project Jessica and swedish artist Karin Gille to paint a portrait of of the theater weld on fabric. Later made into costume. The second year was called,


The politicians - The Cat Cafe, and was performed at Svarta Huset in Stockholm together with a set of sculptures made by Pontus and arranged, modulated into a miniature golf course. At the same time one could visit Stuart Mayes VHS tape installation Play and have a snack or coffee at the bar. During the whole event, five dancers were performing Pontus cat practice creating “The first ever cat cafe in Sweden”.


The third Poetician happened as a continuation of the performance of The wind escorts the sky as a brunch, where Pontus invited fellow choreographers and artists for a social gathering and  poetry recital, as well as the launch of the fotobook of the project Writing Wounds to Heal, the poetry book The Poeticians and the poetry book from the performance of The wind escorts the sky.

get the PDF of The wind escorts the sky here

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