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A hallmark of Pettersson, Pancor has been used in many works and occasions, most prominently in ‘Writing Wounds to Heal’ (2015) and The Poetiticans. Pancor started as a calligraphic practice, as a way to turn meaning-making and repetition into dance, as well as being a forensic study of Pontus’ own scrabbles found in his notebooks though the years. Pancor then turned digital, a font, understood and used as a tool to enable other and new poetry.  Through the possible inscribed meaning of the shapes Pancor can be seen as a hieroglyphic attempt and a queering of meaning through writing, a digitalised universe as signature and poetics. Enlarged, mutated or destroyed the shapes goes from archetypal desires, landscape interventions and scores for dancing yet remaining its ominous form and attraction

Pancor is represented by Galerie and has been part of groupshows at Jan Mot in Brussels, Material Art Fair in Mexico City to name a few, as well as being featured in the swerdish design and art magazines


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