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‘Hydrologics’ and  ‘Watery Ways’ is part of Pontus' longer choreographic research about water, All Departures Are Waves. The several year long project brings forward the material, ecological, performative, poetic, political, economic and ethical qualities that water can entail, as a material fact, in Pontus art, as much as in his personal life. How the water inside and outside of his and our bodies choreographs our movement, and have been since the beginning of time. 


Hydrologics is the collective name used to enable the water practice (becoming water) in different ways, where Watery Ways (the Google calendar) is one of many, having a daily water aphorism is Pontus' way to share the practice.


The water aphorisms can be seen as such; aphorisms as well as a possible dance, a question to ponder, a choreographic instruction or premonition. They are conceived from different texts by authors like Aistrida Neimanis, Rosi Braidotti and Fred Moten to Herakleitos' ever-changing river  to the african concept of Ubuntu. The aphorisms are sometimes direct quotation, sometimes bastardisation or mutated versions as well as Pontus' own writing.

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