The time is now already lost 

The words are as forward as my 

trembling steps out on the streets 

Out into the world, 

A new that I don’t know 

The flesh that is spilled 

That is seen and that is hidden 

The flesh that you count and that you don’t 

I shared these streets 

I shared streets, names and wishes 

A count less seam-ingly textured body 

That now drifts the street 

Turned to greyed rivers ending up in the sea 

Maybe on other shores it will be witnessed 

It will be loved 

It will ask of it what I haven’t 

I try to speak 

I try to write 

Little expressed are we 

This ends where I started 

It starts where you end 

A chained dance to its grave in all ways said 

It is as violent as it ends