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A Dog Called Drama performing at Bâtard festival 

Somewhere between a concert and auto fictional writing, Pontus plays the accordion and tells stories about aqueous embodiment and desires, vibrating the space to move the audience from the inside and out. A Dog Called Drama is Pontus’ research project All Departures Are Waves, cast in the form of a solo, through Pontus’ own history, practice and dance.


Performance on November 3rd, more info at Bâtards homepage



att att katt,15th - 23rd October 2022

It started as a joke, Cristina Capriolis att att and Pontus Pettersons cat practice, a cat-like version of att att, or an ‘atty’ cat? Maybe spatty? att att katt is a collection of choreographic proposals entangled in ideas about artistic legacy, remakes, repetition as displacement, text, and dance as a language. Through his cat practice, his font Pancor and Cristina's piece att att, Pontus creates an installation with a matrix of forthcoming dances.

More on info on Dansens Hus homepage



Pontus poetry on

September New Moon drops SILENCED HUNGER by Pontus Pettersson.10 days of a poem during which desire rises in the ambiguous nature of words–their deviations, double meanings and homophones–unfolding the narration of a tryst. An encounter between otherwise strangers.



Delta at Norma T, 1 October 2022

Welcome to the Oslo release and coming together of Delta – An Ocean Call at Norma T, a publication on water histories, narratives and practices published and co-edited by Pontus Pettersson and Izabella Borzecka/PAM

Follow the event on facebook here



Delta at Museum of Impossible Forms, 8-9 December

Welcome to the Helsinki release and coming together of Delta – An Ocean Call at Museum of Impossible Forms, a publication on water histories, narratives and practices published and co-edited by Pontus Pettersson and Izabella Borzecka/PAM, co-hosted together with Vishnu Vardhani Rajan at Museum of Impossible Forms.


Departing from the liquid narratives in the Delta publication, this coming together invites international and local artists to share their practices through performances, readings, conversations, and water-y interventions. find out more and join the facebook event here


Close Encounters: Attitudes of the Unruly

Pontus is one of the invited artists to take part of the 4th edition of Dansehallernes ‘Close Encounters’, this time curated by Cedric faux. Held at den Den Frie in Copenhagen, Attitudes of the Unruly manifests into an exhibition and performance program against normative motions, acceptable postures, and body policing, the exhibition and live program aim to reflect on who has the right to dance and how to devise choreography for the lawless? For the exhibition Pontus has created two custom-made iron gates as well as he will be teaching a workshop in his cat practice, and make a new take on his work with the accordion titled Abandon, also the musical terminology for free, unrestrained and passionate playing. Pontus will vibrate the space to move the guests of Den Frie from inside out. The flesh becomes one. Read more about the exhibition on Dansehallernes homepage and join the facebook event here


My Wild Flag Rise Again!

MWF 2021 will happen between 6–12th of September in various locations in Stockholm. Presenting a new take on this year's festival with the curating duo Lhaga Koondhor (Zürich moves) and George Chamoun (Stockwig, Tensta konsthall) brought together for the first time as a collaborating team to design the program 2021 together with Pontus and Karina. Equally stoked about choreographers, artists, writers, activists, musicians, DJ:s and dancers Adam Seid Tahir, Netti Nüganen, xiri tara noir, Rayo, Amosphère, Maryam Nikandish, Machine, Jafar The Superstar and Ruby Nilsson joining the festival and sharing their work. You find more info on the homepage as well as Instagram and facebook, coming up shortly!


Water festival @ Weld June 15-23

Water @ Weld is a mini-festival that examines one of the world’s most common and anomalous materials, water. The festival manifests a “halfway situation” of the ongoing research of 'All Departures Are Waves' and presents different aspects and work from the five subprojects: Hydran, OMNI, SS20, Bodies of Water and Delta.

During Water @ Weld we will see – Pontus sing and play accordion in A Dog Called Drama, his first new solo in 7 years. Six dancers interpreting water through the work Bodies of Water. Participating platform Delta run by Pontus Pettersson and Izabella Borzecka with invited artist Melody Panosian. Text and performance with Sandy Harry Ceesay. Hydran, a documentary work and installation in collaboration with Salad Hilowle. Watery music with Hara Alsonso.

More info on Weld's homepage


Delta - An Ocean Call available for purchase


After a beauitful release at Index, you can now order the publication Delta - An Ocean Call at PAM in Sweden, and Rile in Belgium.


Editorial Thinking & Delta - An Ocean Call

On the 19th of February Index opened their doors for Editorial Thinking, an exhibition that explores editorial processes in artistic practices, inviting and presenting contemporary publishers and artists concerned with the editorial aspect as a process-based working method. In the new work A bit to Beuys? (Skyline) Pontus presents a uniform for the team of Index, inducing motion as the clothes will move around participating in the social choreography emerging within the exhibition space. Contributing artists’ a long side Pontus Pettersson: Rosa Barba and Alex Reynolds, the artistic project The Book Lovers, the magazine OEI and Praun & Guermouche.


Half way through the exhibition, on the 25:th of mars, Pontus together with Izabella Borzecka of PAM will release their new publication Delta - An Ocean Call. The publication is part of the project Delta, which since 2019 has been organized as evening dance classes, artist zines, and now as thematic publications like this one: On water histories and watery practices. Contributors in the publication are: Bronwyn Bailey Charteris, Paul Maheke, Axel Andersson, Sindri Runudde, Vibeke Hermanrud, Elly Vadseth, Daniela Bershan, Sabrina Seifried, D.N.A. (Dina El Kaisy Friemuth, Neda Sanai and Anita Beikpour), Every Ocean Hughes, Adham Hafez, Pontus Pettersson and Alice MacKenzie. Graphic design by Sara Kaaman.


Hydrologics as a daily reminder


Hydrologics is a concept that presents a vast number of water aphorism inspired by the floating, adaptable and knowledgeable qualities of our most vital element and lifegiving force – water. Through the ongoing water research of Pontus reserach project All Departures Are Waves and theoretic foundation of Hydrofeminism Pontus has formulated these aphorism to manifest different watery aspects of our everyday lives and movements. These aphofirms can be downloaded and added to your calendar to work as a daily reminder of watery ways and possibilites. Join the everyday mysteries and blessings of H2O here.


Delta streams in new directions

During this November Pontus has been working closely together with the co-founder of Delta Izabella Borzecka/PAM to further develop the concept and find new ways of presenting artistic work within the frame of Delta during 2021. The zine is one of the ways in which Delta takes form that will continue next year both in relation to specific artists’ as previously, but now also with the addition of more thematic editorials, with the first one being about water and Hydrofeminsm.



MWF Mini Video Festival November 31 - December 6


My Wild Flag the international dance and performance festival, started and run by Karina Sarkissova and Pontus Pettersson now enters the realm of video works within the frame of a (mini) video festival ”MWF online”! During one week, November 30 - December 5 MWF gathers and presents a selection of five video documentations from this years festival that took place at MDT in Stockholm August 31 - September 5.


All Departures are Waves in residence at MARC 

During October 19th - November 1st Pontus was invited to work on his extensive research project All Departures are Waves at Milvus Artistic Research Center - Marc. The residency ended with the public event 'Live at Skofabriken' vernissage where Pontus displayed textiles and performed a solo version of his work with the accordion. 


Bodies of Water at Wanås Konst September 26-27

Bodies of Water is a generous proposal to aesthetically and sensorily lead the audience through an experience that creates empathy to perceive and discover new ways of relating to our physical surroundings.  

The performance is a 3 hour long choreography orginally set in Spanish artist Dora Garcias new exhibition Red Love at Tensta konstall 2018, will in September re-appear, as intended through a performative scenario, we can bring out the watery qualities of our bodies and others. The choreographic directions and instructions (scores) create openings that allow the water in us to define our movements. This is a process we witness in the dancers and through our presence, where we place ourselves in the room and our gaze. When the watery quality in our bodies is evoked we give agency to the water in us. This entails a new relation to one another



My Wild Flag at MDT, August 31 - September 5. 

We are happy to announce that the fourth edition of MWF will take place this year. MWF is an annual international festival for dance and choreography in Stockholm curated by Pontus Pettersson and Karina Sarkissova – proposing contemporary choreographic and artistic work, bringing communities together and joining in social choreographies as well as works devoted for the stage. MWF wants to meet current urgencies where bodies, thinking and beings disturb and embrace the ways we perceive the world



The Hydra in residence at Weld, 24 May - 13 June. 

In collaboration with visual artist and filmmaker Salad Hilowle The Hydra is set out to investigate a choreography in search of the essence of water. The Hydra is a scenic and performative proposal on documentation, film, memory, and gaze that is related to and included in the wider frame of Pontus extensive choreographic research project about water – All Departures Are Waves.



Writing Wounds to Heal + Lune


Long time friend and collaborator Linnea Martinsson a.k.a Lune released her latest music video and single, Where Do Love Go where she and her two friends are wearing Pontus poetry and clothes project Writing Wounds to Heal. 


Writing Wounds to Heal (2015) is a collection of poems printed on clothes made out of velvet silk and stencil/jewelry made of mirrors. The typography/font is Pontus' own design called Pancor and was made during Pontus master studies in choreography in Stockholm as a way to write new poems through the semiotics of the designed letters.


Lune, born June 19, 1988, is a Swedish artist, songwriter, dancer, and visual creator. In 2010, she was heard on the Adrian Lux song Teenage Crime which she also joined as a songwriter. In 2013, the album Music & Sports was released and the same year she did a concert at MoMa in New York under the name ”Lune the Center”. Lune received a lot of attention for its version on Swedish House Mafia’s ”Leave the World Behind”, created for a commercial for Volvo. in 2018 started her own record company ”Play Human” where she now releases all her music.


Red love: a reader on Alexandra Kollontai now online 


The well sought for book Red love: a reader on Alexandra Kollontai gathers a long list of thinkers and artists writing and revisiting Kollentai’s legacy. One of the contributions is a score by Pontus and Hanna Zafiropoulos from the choreographic installation Bodies of Water that was originally set up within the frame of Spanish artist Dora Garcia's exhibition ‘Red Love’ at Tensta Konsthall 2018. This reader stems from a research by CuratorLab at Konstfack University in Stockholm and Tensta Konsthall, accompanying the exhibition. 


Alexandra Kollontai was a Russian revolutionary, commissar of Social Welfare after the October revolution in 1917, and one of the first women ambassadors in the world. She pioneered the introduction of abortion rights, secularised marriage, as well as paid maternity leave and considered “comradely love” to be a political force. Does Kollontai’s vision of love relate to current feminist struggles and if so, how?

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