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What if the water in me is the same as the water in you? ‘Bodies of Water’ is a three-hour choreographic installation that leads the visitor, aesthetically and sensorially through an empathic experience inducing new ways of perceiving your surroundings in an encounter with five performers. Departing from Russian Marxist activist Alexandra Kollontai’s texts on love and Astrida Neimanis’ work with Hydrofeminism, the work attempts to embody and become water on a molecular level through language, objects stitched and worn, sound, relational tactics, and dance. As subtle as the smallest water droplet or as wild as the wildest ocean, the performers circulate throughout the space choreographed by a scripted score—eddying, pooling, navigating, submerging, and rolling—meanwhile connected by a magnetic attraction not unlike the hydrogen bond. Through the sounds, gestures, textures, and objects we meet with our presence we find ourselves mirrored. The superficial reflection at the surface gives way. We give agency to the water within us—its tensions, traits, and potentials. Prior to entering the installation, the audience are invited to don their own hydrologic aphorism, printed on simple A4 paper and cut into stripes that one can wear around the wrist. ‘Bodies of Water’ is part of Pettersson’s extended research ‘All Departures Are Waves’ (2019-), which brings forward the ecological, performative, political, economic, ethical, and narrative qualities that water entails and unleashes. Choreography, installation and objects: Pontus PetterssonPerformed by: Klara Utke Acs, Robert Malmborg, Sybrig Dokter, Adam Seid Tahir and Daniela Escarleth Romo Pozo.Music and sound by: Neda Sanai, Samo DJ, LUNE, Daniela Bershan, Jin Mustafa, Stolen Songs, PETS, Maria Hilmersson Landgren for the project SS20Costume: Pontus Pettersson together with performersDramaturgy: Karina Sarkissova Originally commissioned by Hannah Zafiropulos to be performed in Dora Garcia’s exhibition “RED LOVE,” at Tensta Konsthall May 2018​See a trailer of Bodies of Water here

Images by Alex Fisher

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