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att att katt is a collection of choreographic proposals entangled in ideas about artistic legacy, remakes, repetition as displacement, text, and dance as a language. Created specifically for Hallen in Farsta, in an old gymnasium in Farsta, that now has been transformed into a venue for dance, another layer is added, becoming a mini golf course. It started as a joke some years ago when Pontus was still working for Cristina as a dancer, Cristinas att att and Pontus cat practice, a cat-like version of att att, or an ‘atty’ cat? Maybe spatty? A poetic premonition? What happens when two choreographic works merge, who becomes the author? In the desire to create dance that goes cross generations and performs for all ages, att att katt appears. Is the cat anarchist? How soft is soft soft? Through Petterssons performative cat practice, his font Pancor and Swedish/Italian choreographer Cristina Caprioli’s piece att att, Pontus creates an installation with a matrix of forthcoming dances. Typological, typographic, a landscape, typically catty.

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