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All Departures Are Waves (2019-2023) is an extensive choreographic research project that brings forward the ecological, performative, political, economic, and ethical qualities, as well as narratives, that water can entail. When we are more or less made of 70% water, what would happen if we let this molecular majority have agency of our movement? How is this mysterious substance, in so many ways, a locus for movement, yet present and cleverly hidden within us? Tales hidden in our blood, sweat, and tears. 


All Departures Are Waves began with Pontus choreographic installation Bodies of Water (Tensta Konsthall, 2018) and the text which the piece is based on, Hydrofeminism; Or, becoming a body of water by phenomenologist and gender scholar Astrida Neimanis. From this point, the work moves forward in an accumulating, remembering manner, transgressing, trickling, and trying to become water.

As an umbrella structure ADAW houses the following projects; Bodies of Water, Hydra, Delta, SS20, OMNI and Writting With Water. The six projects orchestrate the omnipresent water as a life-bearing agent to life, how choreography and dance are ever so present, and how it unfolds a myriad of testimonies.

All Departures Are Waves is supported by MARC and Weld

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