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Pontus Pettersson is a Swedish choreographer, artist, curater and dancer based in Stockholm. His work ranges from fortune telling, cat practicing, writing poetry to dancing. It is a love for dancing with a particular interest in made and found objects that create choreographies in between subject and object, spectator and performer, where hospitality and temporality can be seen as two major choreographic and artistic principles, as well as more open fields of study such as poetry and water.  


Working professional as dancer since his graduation at Skolen for Moderne Dance in Copenhagen (2007) - Pontus embarked on a diverse and spread out career working with world class choreographers such as Ohad Naharin and Deborah hay to name a few. His latest work includes the choreographic installation Bodies of Water at Wanås Konst and his solo exhibition The egg the cat and the poem – were the surface tears at Konsthall C. 


Pontus has throughout his career worked on situations where inviting other artists has been a crucial aspect of understanding his work in a greater whole as well as working for a broader field of expressions and inclusion. Projects like The Poeticians and My Wild Flag and his latest workshop project Delta - hospitality being one of his main conceptual concerns, seen as a choreographic principal for dance/art to emerge.


Pontus holds two masters, one in choreography from SKH, and one in visual arts at Konstfack. Pontus is an affiliated artist at the theatre Weld in Stockholm and the research center MARC in Knislinge, Sweden. His work is supported by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Swedish Arts Council, and Stockholm City Council of Culture.

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