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In the spring of 2020, Pontus started playing the accordion, a solitary practice and vibrational endeavor, both spiritually and physically. The accordion can be seen as the motion of waves and breath, a perpetual drive.  

His first solo in seven years, 'A Dog Called Drama' can be seen as Pontus' watery research project  'All Departures Are Waves' cast in singular form through his own history, practice, and dance. Somewhere between a concert, storytelling and ah, yes, choreography, Pontus plays and tells stories from aqueous embodiment and desires, vibrating the space as to move the audience from inside out. The flesh becomes one.

If the performance has a shadow, it will lead us to a male figure, yet, like wet paint it moves with gravity, becoming material, far from an image. At night, when the shadows dance in the absence of the sun - sounds like vibrations, a wavy sphere is created from which the calling of the ocean is imagined, conjuring the past to move forward.

This work has many sources of inspiration, but to name a few; ‘In the solitude of Cotton Fields' by the French playwright Bernard-Marie Koltès, the concept of ‘Deep Listening’ by American composer Pauline Olivieros. The novel Aqua Viva by Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector.

A moment in time, a line on a map, a nomad passing by.

Image by Salad Hilowle

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