Hello my name is ocean ill smooth your gaze like lotion. Coffee take away walking party here to say. U Follow Rivers of faith. Soon ocean giant squids will mate. Pontus Pettersson pointing peculiar. Punctuating Perhaps. Pontus also known as ocean, smooth smooth Slippery slob, work with motion. Ocean objects artefacts of choreography sets sail, heart attack. Popcorn made, Swedish fade. Stockholm resident wolf pack and lonely, I’m a cat mjao, I move slowly​. Picture tell, I worked my spell, black cats and magic fortune telling, ghost whispers, I’m the mummy from the past dancing your knickers of with blast

Water leaned against the rose. Water poured from his sides

A sword tapered his tail. Sore words. Same death. Thy breath.

Now tangling choice save this end

The human stature. Light lessened and grows.

The void amends its first root